New Bruin Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program provides the necessary tools to combat the challenges that UCLA students face upon campus arrival. By matching mentors and mentees with common areas of study, interests, and career goals, we aim to ensure academic success, community building, and highlighting resources. In creating this program, we believe that it will both empower and provide a sense of relief to underclassmen as they navigate this foreign space. The New Bruins Mentorship Program is all about access to achievement, building bruin pride, and creating community! 

  • Access to Achievement 

UCLA offers a wide variety of services to students, but sometimes they can be overwhelming or hard to navigate for new Bruins. Ensuring that every new student is aware of the resources provided to them and are confidently able to access them helps every student in achieving academic success and making the most of their time at UCLA.


  • Building Bruin Pride

While Bruin Pride manifests itself in various ways, one thing everyone can agree on is that shared Bruin pride connects everyone to each other. To build a connection to the school, new students must have a smooth transition into their first quarter. We aim to prepare new students for what they can expect in their first quarter regarding classes, dorms, dining halls, and more.


  • Creating Community

Creating a sense of community helps shape one’s experience at UCLA in a rewarding way. Through our mentorship program, new students will meet others like them as well as older students with whom they share interests with. These shared interests help in both building connections as well as help them find clubs and organizations they want to get involved with.

Get Involved

Become a Mentor

The New Bruin Mentorship Program under the USAC Office of the President is now accepting applications for Spring 2021 Mentors! If you are an upperclassman student at UCLA interested in leadership, community building, and sharing Bruin pride, then this opportunity is for you!

Mentors under the New Bruin Mentorship Program will have the chance to build on professional skills as well as create interpersonal connections. Mentors will receive training under our program to connect with other mentors along with their mentees.

Become a Mentee

If you are a freshman or a sophomore looking for an opportunity to grow with an experienced mentor, we are ready to help! As a mentee, you will be paired with a trained and experienced mentor who will guide you in this new and exciting journey through UCLA.


At this time, we are taking applications for the program’s launch in Spring 2021.